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Because everybody deserves a little piece of Earths perfection.

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Below is the story told by the prospector – Peter Fraser (in his own words), about a beautiful Gold nugget that he recently found in Wedderburn Victoria. 

I think I need one of those go pro thingys  coz the best part  I never caught on film!!  This part involved my hand diving into the hole to clear material –  lumps of quartz etc. On the third dip into the hole, something heavy was in my hand and when I looked down tears start to flow onto the nugget kinda cleaning it!!  An amazing moment in my life and one I’ll  never forget!  I sat over that hole for some time trying to get my head together ! I finally cracked the 1 oz club!!!! could this be?? It was a last minute decision to stop at Wedderburn as the plan was to return to Dunolly after Sharon my partner and I had visited our daughter in NSW!  Whilst in transit, south of Echuca I said to Sharon “I have a good feeling about Wedderburn”.  I left the caravan park at Wedderburn at 9 am the next morning and returned to the park by 11am somewhat shell shocked ,rattled ,emotional etc ! Sharon asked me “your back early what happened”??  Ummm I think I found one!!  Dropping a lump of quartz into her hand!!  Grrr ,its a rock! She says !!  Ah — but I dont think this is!! Handing her the nugget omg!!  Amazing amazing amazing!  Thats how I describe this whole experience!  One that I may never have again!  Yep we get the buzz every time we ping gold! But to find your biggest !!! WOW!!

This specimen will be available for purchase soon!!! 

We are really hoping to find it a home here in Australia first, preferably in a museum, but a private collector would also be suitable!