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Azurite on Dickite

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 18 mm


Azurite on Dickite

An interesting Azurite specimen from Milpillas.
The main crystal is of good size and you can see it is complete on the front, right and back side… then, on the left, it has grown around the matrix!
There is some parallel growth to the top right side and a little brother off to the left of the main crystal too. The colour is an electric blue and the lustre is excellent. I under rated this one at first… but then I gave it a little clean and had a closer look!
The video doesn’t show off the colour anywhere as good as it is in the flesh.
Milpillas mine, Sonora Mexico.

Measures approx 60 x 50 x 18mm.

Please click the link below for the youtube video.


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