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Topaz on Amazonite

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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


Amazonite, Topaz

Topaz on Amazonite from the Zapot pegmatite in Nevada.  A razor sharp pale green 6 cm Topaz crystal, with modified chisel terminations and superb lustre. This Topaz crystal is transparent to translucent with some gemmy areas and is laying on a bed of tiny Lepidolite crystals which cover a cleavage block of blue/green Amazonite. Under UV, the Topaz fluoresces a rich yellow colour!

This is a superb specimen from the one off find which was Mined by Harvey Gordon, November, 1999.

Measures 85 x 85 x 50mm.


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Amazonite. RESERVED!

Amazonite from Colorado. This specimen has great colour saturation, clean faces and damage free terminations. The sinuous textures are very well defined on this piece.

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An aesthetic cluster of lustrous reddish-brown Topaz crystals in a rhyolite matrix. There are 2 topaz crystals with clean terminations and 2 which are matrix

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A light Cognac coloured Topaz crystal with razor sharp edges and a mirror lustre.  This specimen is gem quality and has Microlite included within.  There

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