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Gold Nugget

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Weight 50.00000 g
Dimensions 22.00000 × 13.00000 × 6.00000 mm

Product Weight

approximately 400 grams including packaging


SOLD! R.I. Gold Nugget

Gold nugget from a rarely seen location – Gold Ridge area, Guadalcanal in the Solomon islands. This piece dates back to the late 1950’s where it was recovered by the local villagers who would pan the rivers that drain the Gold Ridge area for gold. This was short lived as the locals soon gave up their panning rights and were relocated to make way for larger scale operations. This piece made its way into a collection in Australia and represents the largest of the nuggets that I have from this location. There is a small amount of host rock still attached to this piece.

Measures 22 x 13 x 6mm and weighs 3.54 grams.


Sold out!

Sold out!