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Native Silver on Native Arsenic.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


Native Silver on Native Arsenic.

Native Silver on Native Arsenic from the little known Tropperstollen Mine in Germany. This specimen is adorned with superb, well defined feathers of spinel twinned Native Silver crystals which contrast well against the Native Arsenic matrix. The balance and coverage of Silver on this piece is excellent, allowing it to be displayed from many angles. The Tropperstollen Mine is a small adit approximately 1.5km south of Wolkenstein and is one of several localities in this area that produced specimens with native silver in arsenic. Most collectors are aware of the famous Pöhla mine, but this is only due to a lot of material hitting the market in the 90’s when they reworked the waste dumps.

This is a top shelf specimen for any serious native metal collector.

Measures 55 x 52 x 48mm.

Ex Jorg Walther collection.


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