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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 165 × 150 × 70 mm



Fluorite from Cave in Rock, Illinois USA. This specimen of Dissolution Fluorite has beautiful deep etched faces with a dark Mauve colour in normal light… but when back lit the intense Yellow orange really pops through! There is a small scattering of tiny Chalcopyrite crystals dotted over the piece and despite the size, has absolutely no damage! There are 4 photos with normal lighting and 2 with strong backlighting. Also, please click the link below to see a video of the specimen with and without backlighting.

Ex B & L Hales collection.

Measures 165 x 150 x 70mm.


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A Magenta coloured Fluorite from Illinois. This specimen has cubic crystals up to 45mm in size with stepped faces and is mostly translucent. Ex frank

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A miniature specimen of pale Blue Fluorite with darker blue phantoms towards the outer edges of the cubes. There is also mauve coloured speckling included

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A large cluster of intergrown cubes of Fluorite from China. This specimen is quite transparent and has an amazing lustre. The colour is a light

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Fluorite. RESERVED!

A sharp, gemmy Fluorite from the Rogerley Mine.  This specimen is covered in deep green, transparent fluorite cubes many of which are penetration-twinned. Measures 90

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