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Cuprite on Copper

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 43 × 40 × 2 mm


Cuprite on Copper

Cuprite on crystallized Copper from the Mineral Park Mine in Arizona. This specimen exhibits good crystallization and has a coating of Cuprite over the whole piece.  Very hard to get location (nearly impossible these days).

From the collection of A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum.

Measures 43 x 40 x 2mm.


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Cuprite on Copper

A fine specimen of cuprite coating a very aesthetic, arborescent cluster of spinel-twinned copper crystals with matrix. This is an excellent, highly crystallized copper from

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Cuprite on Copper

A nice specimen of red Cuprite coating spinel-twinned Copper crystals. The crystallization is sharp and very well defined. Measures 43 x 28 x 5mm.

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