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Crystallized Gold

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 50 × 23 × 3 mm


Crystallized Gold

An arborescent growth of flattened Gold crystals from Victoria, Australia. This specimen is comprised of both crystals and casts from the etched Quartz crystals. The lustre is excellent and the purity is very high which is typical of the area.

Measures 50 x 23 x 3mm and weighs 12.53 grams.


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Crystallized Gold

Bright Gold crystal on a Quartz and Limonite matrix from Peru.  Whilst Peru is one of the largest Gold producers in the world, specimens of

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Crystallized Gold.

Bright leaves and ribbons of gold shot through a quartz matrix from the Harvard Mine, Jamestown M.D. California. There is approx 8.5 grams of gold

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