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Crystalline Gold

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Weight 11.7 g
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 15 mm


Crystalline Gold

This is a very aesthetic specimen which is comprised mostly of crystalline wires with quartz crystals (some of the Quartz crystals are terminated, and some with sharp prism faces).

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these classic pieces.

Measures 35 x 23 x 15mm and weighs 11.7 grams


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Crystalline Gold

Very aesthetic gold specimen from the Eagles Nest mine in California.  This piece displays flattened, elongate gold crystals in an arborescent form. Measures 25 x

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Crystalline Gold

A crystalline Gold specimen from the Lincoln Hill mine, Rochester mining district, Nevada.  The orange-yellow colored Gold exhibity brilliantly lustered leaf-like forms. Measures 30 x

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Crystalline Gold

Bright shimmering crystalline Gold leaf in Quartz.  Great lemmony-yellow color with some trace limonite present. Gold occurs as thin leaves and blades in Quartz, growing

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