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Crocoite with Pyromorphite

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Weight 600.00000 g
Dimensions 65.00000 × 45.00000 × 40.00000 mm

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approximately 300 grams (including packaging)


Crocoite with Pyromorphite

Top shelf…
Crocoite with Pyromorphite from The Platt Prospect, Dundas. Tasmania!!
This specimen is wicked… The Crocoites are chunky, with the centre crystals having a magnificent hoppered morphology due to the rapid cooling of the supersaturated solution. The Pyromorphite is apple green and transitions from a coating through to small prismatic barrels.
Measures 65 x 45 x 40mm.


Sold out!

Sold out!



Crocoite with Pyromorphite

This combination is rare! Crocoite with Pyromorphite from the Platt Prospect.  The Crocoite crystals are solid terminating and have amazing colour & lustre. The Pyromorphites

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